Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 1
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 2
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 3
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 4
Blake Marvin Photography: observations from behind the lens and on the road: slideshow image 5


Images of the Week: Possum Kingdom Ranch House

To celebrate it’s recent publishing in Cowboys and Indians Magazine (and Arch Digest last year), I bring  you the Possum Kingdom ranch house.  Designed by the one and only Nunzio Desantis (those of you who have met Nunzio will agree he is a rare breed).  Nunzio is the same designer who has brought you scores of luxury resorts that have graced this blog (Las Ventanas, Aspen Valley Ranch, etc, etc, etc).

I had the great pleasure of shooting this property on several occasions.  One of the great things about shooting a property like this is you get to stay at the ranch.  There is nothing more intimate than spending a weekend living in the project you are shooting.  Detail after lovely detail emerge as each hour passes.  The craftsmanship in the woodwork, ironwork, and stonework are simply breathtaking.

Unfortunately, unlike the resorts that I shoot, this is not a project that is open for everyone to experience in the flesh.  So until you get buddy buddy with Nunzio and get a chance to see it in person, enjoy these images of the project.  Don’t forget to go out and support the good folks at Cowboys and Indians by buying a copy of July’s issue (get it here).  You can also check and an extensive gallery from the shoot here.  Enjoy

New Feature: Image(s) of the Week

I know with all of the posts about moving out west and spending most of my life on an airplane I’ve been a bit short on posts about images.  My appologizes.

I’ve decided to create a new category of post for this exact purpose.  Behold the image of the week.  Each week I will post a new image, sometimes a couple images and sometimes just one shot.  Some of these will be new projects that I’m working on andsome will be older favorites of mine that most of you have never seen.

Let’s start off with a high school I shot a few weeks ago in North Richland Hills Texas for HKS.  With most K-12 projects there are extreme budget limitations along with really short construction timelines.  The North Richland Hills project tackled both with grace and yielded some really nice imagery as well as just wrapping up their first year in the new building.

Would love your feedback on when during the week that you’d like to see the new posts?  First thing Monday morning, maybe a little midweek hump day surprise?  Would love your feedback, either post a comment or shoot me an email at

Enjoy the images and look forward to the weekly updates!

1,015,152 miles and counting

Like a thief in the night it finally happened, I hit 1,000,000 American Airlines miles.  Like most who have hit the million mile mark it is both a badge of pride and one of shame.

Realizing you’ve flown around the circumference of the earth 40.22 times is very exciting.  Unfortunately the excitement sometimes is overtaken by the feelings you get when you realize how many many important and not so important events in your life you’ve missed while orbiting the globe (read: birthday’s, births, anniversaries, dinners with friends, or just a nice glass of wine at home with your wife and dogs).

So with that being said let me thank all of those people close to me who have embraced my travel schedule and allowed me the room to grow as a photographer, a husband, a friend, a person, and a traveler while on the road.  I couldn’t of done it with your support.  So as I board another plane tomorrow heading home, here’s to a million more miles.

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

Let me first apologize for how long it’s been since my last post.  I promise once you finish reading the following post you’ll understand.

So where should I start?

We could start off by saying I’ve been real busy shooting, or we could talk about the fact that my lovely and super talented wife is now Dr Wife, or we could talk about how when in town I now look out my window and see the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.  Any of these would be a good starting point so here we go.

Yep, I’ve been shooting, quite a bit I must add.  Detroit, Westlake, Las Vegas, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Omaha, Palmdale, Los Angeles, Temecula, etc, etc..  So I promise I haven’t put the camera down and left for a career in the circus.

So if I’ve been shooting so much how come no new blog posts?  We that leads me to my 2nd and 3rd thing going on in my life.  Just this last week my wife graduated medschool.  So after 4 years of undergrad, 2 years of post bacheloreatte work, and 4 long years at medschool, she is now Dr Wife and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  Her thirst for knowlege, compassion towards her patients, and her insane work ethic humble me on a daily basis.

So what’s this I say about the Pacific Ocean you ask?  Well as those closest to me know, my wife and I have relocated to San Francisco for her residency at UCSF.  As you can imagine moving from Texas to San Francisco takes quite a bit of time, planning, and lots of sweat (hence the absence of blog posts these days).  Now that the boxes are unpacked and the dogs have fully mastered the doggie door it’s on!

It’s going to be a hell of a summer with shoots planned each weak all around the country for the next several months.  So stay tuned for more updates and ramblings from the road.

Man it feels good to get that off my chest.  It’s been killing me not being able to share all of this with you all.  So with all of that being said, enjoy this shot of the pacific near our house.

JW Marriott : The Gallery

I’m a bit behind on posts these days but I’ve got some great new imagery to share with everyone.  The new images come from my shoot in the Texas hill country at the newly opened JW Marriott Hotel (read about the shoot here).  At a 1,000 rooms the resort is massive.  Situated at the top of one the areas highest hills, the resort enjoys beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding hill country.  Enjoy the new images and look for some exciting news as well as new posts soon.  Click here for the gallery.

It’s good to be loved

10 years after the first time I was published it has never gotten old seeing my handiwork in print, or these days online.  I was delighted to see in my inbox last week a newsletter from Rosewood Hotels featuring my photography from last year’s shoot at Las Ventanas al Paraiso (read more about the shoot here: 1,2,3,4,5).

It was also great to see the new imagery utilized all through out their site to help prospective guests get a feel for the truly magical destination that is Las Ventanas.  Last year was a year of countless numbers of resort shoots but my shoot and experiences at Las Ventanas ranks as my most memorable one.

It’s truly an honor to help Rosewood Hotels share this amazing resort with the rest of the world.  So stop by their site, or better yet, book the next flight to Cabo San Lucas and say hello to Lionel and his amazing staff at the resort.

Cathedral of Light: The Gallery

One of the great parts about being on the road is getting to experience new places.  Sometimes it’s a hidden gem that you walk by after a lunch in a new city, and sometimes it’s more deliberate.  Months ago I was in Lake Tahoe shooting the Hyatt hotel.  Weeks prior I had read online about the new Cathedral of Light in Oakland California designed by SOM.  By design I routed by return flight home through SFO instead of Reno and was able to experience this amazing project on the way to the airport.  While the collection of images is brief, I thought you would still enjoy seeing this amazing project.  Enjoy the gallery

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort

Last week was quite the busy week. So busy that I forgot to share that I spent 3 great days photographing the recently opened JW Marriott Resort outside of San Antonio.  Keeping with the theme of being busy, I’ll share a favorite shot of mine from the shoot and keep you all posted when I have time to write more.  Enjoy

CityCenter: The Gallery

Today I come bearing gifts.  Before I left for San Antonio yesterday (more on that later) I wrapped up the imagery from the shoot at the MGM CityCenter in Las Vegas (read more here: 1,2).  It was super quick shoot.  I was only out in Vegas for about 36 hours to get some hero shots of the project but I think the results are fantastic.

Billed as a city within a city, the new MGM CityCenter is just a beast.  Comprised of multiple hotel towers, residential towers, extensive retail, and how can we not mention the endless amounts of casino space.  Just as extensive as number of buildings in this project are the number of world class architects that were commissioned.  The credits read as a who’s who list of architecture: Helmut Jahn, Rafael Viñoly, Fosters + Partners, Kohn Pedersen Fox, Pelli Clarke Pelli, Daniel Libeskind, the Rockwell Group, and Gensler.

As always, enjoy the new imagery and check back for more updates from photo shoots as well as the finished imagery.

Aspen Valley Ranch: The Gallery

While the images have been done for about a week now, I appoligize for finally getting to share them with you all.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks both professionally and personall (more on that later).  Between trips to St Petersberg, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Enough rambling, let’s get back to the pretty pictures!  Aspen Valley Ranch, what can I say about you that I haven’t already.  Maybe I could talk about what it’s like to wake up to a valley of untouched snow looking out on the ski mountains of Aspen.  Or I could talk about sharing wine with new friends talking about design, mountain living, travel, and even a couple dirty jokes (for the first time I wasn’t the one behind them).  All of these are great anecdotesbut I think spending a few minutes with the images will give you all a feel for the warmth, grand views, and all around stunning beauty of the project.  Enjoy the gallery.