Capella Pedregal : Preview

Right before the Christmas holiday I got the change to head down to Cabo San Lucas and photograph the lovely Capella Pedregal.  I was actually supposed to shoot this project several times over the last 16 months but it got sidelined due to a couple hurricanes and some scheduling conflicts.

The crazy part about Capella Pedregal was the site.  The developer and the design team realized there was an incredible stretch of beach that would be perfect for their property, there was just one problem, a mountain.  Yep, you read that correct, there was a mountain that was hiding this stunning strip of beach close to downtown Cabo.  The solution involved a very long and painstaking process of drilling out a hole through the mountain so you could drive through to the other side.  Their efforts were rewarded though by a striking piece of property to situate their resort on.

The final shots aren’t quite ready yet but I thought you all would enjoy a teaser.

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  1. romana says:

    nice shot! i live in Cabo and we had no hurricanes in the past year, so please don’t say that :)

    i agree with you that the location of Capella Pedregal is amazing, and the tunnel Dos Mares is the only privately owned tunnel in the whole Mexico. It’s lit with chandeliers and it makes a really dramatic entrance to the hotel. it’s a world apart, and very very exclusive.

    looking forward to see more photographs.

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