2010, What a Year!

First off, let me say happy new year to all my dedicated readers.  While 2010 wasn’t the most prolific blogging year, it was a crazy year both professionally and personally.  Not only did I shoot over 70 projects this year I moved out west to San Francisco.

I know you’re thinking, “Hey Blake, 70 projects my ass, you only posted like 5 of them” and my response is, I’m sorry and I was a little busy traveling like crazy and making tons of stunning images.  Good news is 2011 will be just as exciting and I’m really going to try hard to get back in to the blogging habit.  I’m already working on several blog posts I hope to share in the coming days and weeks.  Until then, happy new year and enjoy this night shot from Aspen!

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One Response to “2010, What a Year!”

  1. Ryan M says:

    I’ll still say it, “Only 70!?!”

    I think you could have easily pulled out 80-90 if you had pushed yourself a bit more.

    Ok fine, that’s a lot especially since most were 2-5 days long.

    Looking forward to more posts in 2011.


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