Westlake Investments: The Gallery

A few months ago (I know I’m behind on the posts) I had the pleasure of shooting a great project back in Texas.  Unfortunately due to security issues I can’t disclose who the client is so we’ll have to call this one Westlake Investments.  Situated on an incredible site in Westlake (between Dallas and Ft Worth), this project spans over half a million square feet to compliment it’s sister building across the lake.

Several very early mornings (3am wake up calls) and some very late nights shooting (1am) later, we came away with some great images of this project not to mention a few choice run ins with some wild turkeys.

Part of the challenge of shooting spaces that often gets overlooked is how much labor goes in to making everything appear to be pristine and straight out of a Herman Miller catalogue.  The unfortunate reality is that when a building has been occupied, people do what people do best, and that is to settle in and decorate their cubicles with an onslaught of trinkets, magnets, pictures, half eaten food items, stuffed animals, pedants from their alma mater, and general workplace mayhem.  This means lots of clean up.  In doing so, each desk gets photographed in it’s current state, then completely taken apart trinket by trinket, then staged, shot, and then then painstaking put back to it’s previous glory.

Even though it’s a lot of work (and 99% of the time overlooked and never appreciated unless you were there on set) it’s really amazing to see how a space can be transformed by a little house cleaning and staging.  Enjoy the behind the scenes shots as well as the gallery of finished imagery here.

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