Updates, Updates, and More Updates

Let me first apologize for how long it’s been since my last post.  I promise once you finish reading the following post you’ll understand.

So where should I start?

We could start off by saying I’ve been real busy shooting, or we could talk about the fact that my lovely and super talented wife is now Dr Wife, or we could talk about how when in town I now look out my window and see the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean.  Any of these would be a good starting point so here we go.

Yep, I’ve been shooting, quite a bit I must add.  Detroit, Westlake, Las Vegas, Flower Mound, North Richland Hills, Omaha, Palmdale, Los Angeles, Temecula, etc, etc..  So I promise I haven’t put the camera down and left for a career in the circus.

So if I’ve been shooting so much how come no new blog posts?  We that leads me to my 2nd and 3rd thing going on in my life.  Just this last week my wife graduated medschool.  So after 4 years of undergrad, 2 years of post bacheloreatte work, and 4 long years at medschool, she is now Dr Wife and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  Her thirst for knowlege, compassion towards her patients, and her insane work ethic humble me on a daily basis.

So what’s this I say about the Pacific Ocean you ask?  Well as those closest to me know, my wife and I have relocated to San Francisco for her residency at UCSF.  As you can imagine moving from Texas to San Francisco takes quite a bit of time, planning, and lots of sweat (hence the absence of blog posts these days).  Now that the boxes are unpacked and the dogs have fully mastered the doggie door it’s on!

It’s going to be a hell of a summer with shoots planned each weak all around the country for the next several months.  So stay tuned for more updates and ramblings from the road.

Man it feels good to get that off my chest.  It’s been killing me not being able to share all of this with you all.  So with all of that being said, enjoy this shot of the pacific near our house.

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