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I know it’s been a week or so since my last blog post but lots has happened despite the lack of postings.  Immediately after I hit the ground from the Bahamas (read 1,2) I locked myself in my office to put as much of a dent as possible on the imagery from the Cowboy’s shoot.  2600 frames to edit, composite, and retouch is no small task.  Throw in a quick trip to Austin for a shoot and then Rolla Missouri and you’ve got a hell of a week of traveling and retouching.

Tommorow I head back out on the road to shoot the newly renovated Four Seasons Hualalai which should be quite a delightlful shoot.  I’ll be in Hawaii for the week and then embark on a 10 day journey that  will start on the east coast in Annapolis Maryland and end up 4 projects later in Phoenix Arizona.  Then back to Dallas right in time for Thanksgiving and more importantly the birth of my new niece (name TBD but I’m voting for Baby Marvin)!  Very excited to be an uncle for the first time and thrilled for my brother Ryan and his lovely and very pregnant wife Jacque.

After what will be close to 130,000 miles so far this year I think it’s time to hang up my hat (minus a personal trip her and there) and put the suitcases away for the rest of the year and hunker down on some much needed post production and also some quality family time.  It’s been a hell of a year of traveling that has taken me around the globe almost 4 times and it’s not quite over (despite the christmas music I heard on the rental car shuttle today!).

I’ll post as much as I can from Hawaii and I promise I’ve got a whole archive of behind the scenes to pieces together to share as well as lots of finished galleries of images to post.  Until then, have a great week and look for some amazing posts from Hawaii.


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